My name is Devyn Springer. I am an artist, writer, editor, organizer, and writer who studies the African Diaspora, Art History, and left organizing. I recently published my first book, "Grayish-Black" which is available on Amazon. My work typically centers race, class, hip-hop, pop culture, and art. My writing has been featured in several platforms including AfropunkMondoweissPhiladelphia PrintworksThe Vocal, and OffThaRecord, among others. I have been interviewed by NPRProject QShadowProofNEW INC, and Sociedad Cimarrona, among others. I have volunteered/organized with various groups in Atlanta such as the Walter Rodney Foundation, Rise UP, and  It’s Bigger Than You. My artwork has been featured in several galleries including MURMUR, Zuckerman, Wellesley and others.

To contact me, please send an email to Devynspringer @