My name is Devyn Springer. I am an artist, writer, editor, organizer, and writer who studies the African Diaspora, Art History, and left organizing. I recently published my first book, "Grayish-Black" which is available on Amazon. My work typically centers race, class, hip-hop, pop culture, and art. My writing has been featured in several platforms including AfropunkMondoweissPhiladelphia PrintworksThe Vocal, and OffThaRecord, among others. I have been interviewed by NPRProject QShadowProofNEW INC, and Sociedad Cimarrona, among others. I have volunteered/organized with various groups in Atlanta such as the Walter Rodney Foundation, Rise UP, It’s Bigger Than You, and am currently a member Workers World Party. My artwork has been featured in several galleries including MURMUR, Zuckerman, Wellesley and others.

To contact me, please send an email to Devynspringer @